PET Sticker Remover BT-336

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PET Sticker Remover BT-336

BT-336 is designed to remove sticker on the surface of PET at low temperature. 

It is applied to all kinds of sticker on the surface of PET substrate material.

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The advantages of using BT-336 are as below:

1. It does not damage the substrate material after cleaning, it is not yellowing and brittle.

2. Remove sticker thoroughly and other pollutant at same time.

3. The process is simple and effective, finish for one time, low cost.

4. Inodorous, non-toxic, does not pollute the environment. Clean production.


The useful information:




Liguid form


Plastic and Rubber


As per TDS


25kg / plastic drum


Please Pay Attention:

1、This product should be stored in evades the light place coolly.

2、Splashes carelessly into the eye, please use the massive clear water to flush.

3、The gummed glove is needed when works.


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Being high technology, CHINA BGT products have the characteristics of high clarity, no toxicity, no odor and has passed “Food Safety & Toxicity Test” and RoHS test by SGS. The products can be applied in food contacts.
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